YAY Games

A decentralised game publisher built on AVAX & BSC aggregating a wide range of games with focus on Play-2-earn, NFT's & DeFi.

Published on February 24, 2022

Can you tell us about your company/project?

Pedro Verdades, Business Developer -
First of all, it's a pleasure to be chatting with you guys. I am Pedro the current Lead Business developer for YAY Games and Bold Point.

Let’s start by YAY Games, YAY Games is a decentralized game Publisher built on AVAX and BSC. We aggregate a wide range of games focused on Play-2-earn, NFTs and DeFi.

As the ultimate GameFi brand, we launched our Launchpad (ZEUS) in Q4 of 2021 to allow top gaming projects to have access to the expertise, a large community, and sophisticated game mining architecture. Moreover, we are releasing LOOT which is our ultimate NFT Marketplace for gaming assets. I’m sure we will talk more about it later in this interview.

Within the following weeks we will release Bold Point, an NFT-based role-playing game built exclusively on the Avalanche ecosystem. The game is designed to build your character and level it up through battle, either against other players (PvP) or against the computer AI (PvE). You can visit our Twitter to know more about the game, the MVP version is scheduled for release within February.

Can you tell us about the team behind this?

Pedro Verdades, Business Developer -
Certainly! Our team was carefully selected to ensure we can deliver everything that we aim to. Our CEO is Nick Epifanov, who was the CEO and Co-Founder of CreaGames, one of the major traditional game publishers in Russia. He has extensive experience when it comes to game publishing and he was a fan of DeFi for years, so this was the perfect challenge for him! Moreover, YAY is backed by Indacoin, one of the major fiat-on-ramp getaway companies worldwide, and our teams work in the same office.

As for myself, currently working as lead business developer and I have been working with multiple projects from the GameFi and Defi sphere for the past years, from marketing, to development and advisory.

Regarding Bold Point we now count with over 14 developers, being Denis the lead Dev and creator of the game, they are currently working strictly with game development and mechanics, to ensure we have the first version ready for public shortly! This is one you don't want to miss out.

What is it that your project is trying to simplify/solve in this space & how??

Pedro Verdades, Business Developer -
It is clear for us that blockchain gaming is the future. And it will be one of the propulsors for mass adoption. Thus, more than being a simple launchpad, we want to become the all-in-one stop for blockchain gaming enthusiasts. For this, we are building a synergized ecosystem that aims to provide multiple services for On-chain gaming, from incubation, expertise, Nft Marketplaces to SaaS solutions that will help traditional games to migrate into the blockchain.

What has been the biggest challenge for Yay Games so far and how did you overcome it/or are tackling it?

Pedro Verdades, Business Developer -
First of all we love challenges. So we approach them in a good way. But I would say we did not have any major challenge that made us completely shift our approach.

Building the number one decentralized game publisher around is by itself the major challenge we have. But we face it with great prosperity and deliver what we aim for! And we are taking every step in the correct direction

Could you please help us understand your token a little better and how do you plan on controlling excess dumping for $YAY, if any?

Pedro Verdades, Business Developer -
$YAY is our platform native token, and more than being used to play any kind of game on our platform. Users can stake it and participate in any of the IGOs we have available. We are now working on building an APY/APR system that will also award every staker, thus providing more value to the overall community.

Adding on to this, our next release will be “LOOT” , our in-house NFT marketplace where users can buy in-game assets from multiple NFT marketplaces with a higher discount fee added if they use $YAY. Not forgetting that $YAY will also have its place within the Bold Point Ecosystem when the game gets fully rolled out.

So, we understand that Yay Games is on a mission to generate profits in the GameFi Landscape. How is it actually happening behind that generates profit for participants?

Pedro Verdades, Business Developer -
It depends on the actual product you are using. For instance, if you go for the mini-games, users will play PvP and win a share of the prizepool associated with that actual round. In case you are joining an IGO, you will get the best gaming deals at the cheaper prices, more than bringing public sales. We always try to get seed or strategic ones to our partners. Moreover, with LOOT and by using YAY users will have access to multiple in-game NFTs from all over the GameFi Landscape at cheaper prices.

YAY games no doubt is a huge success, however, for users who are not aware, could you share some light on Gaming Marketplace, the soon coming NFT Marketplace, and the other services such as SWAP and Bridge provided by YAY Games?

Pedro Verdades, Business Developer -
In a few months, the goal is for everyone to be aware! The path is built step by step. Let's get into it. So, on our gaming marketplace users can play PvP minigames, or projects can place their On-chain games in order to have a direct door from a community who is purely game-driven. Thus, it works as a B2C and a B2B. LOOT, the marketplace will be a platform to buy, swap or trade In-game NFTs at cheaper prices than other competitors. Regarding the SWAP mechanism, it is a simple DeFi mechanism that can be used to trade $YAY without ever leaving our platform. The same goes for the Brige, you can exchange $YAY Tokens from the BSC Network to AVAX directly from our website.

Congratulations on the launch of ZEUS done back in the month of November. As I understand, it will be a platform for IGOs or Initial Game offerings. Could you please shed some more light on how you plan on competing with the existing IGO Launchpads and what specifically would be the USP?

Pedro Verdades, Business Developer -
ZEUS was always a part of our plans. And when we gathered the correct expertise and experience we felt we were ready to deploy it! There are a lot of IDO platforms around, but not as many as YAY Games. We are careful when it comes to selecting projects and try to be there for the team long-term. Moreover, our focus is on our users, so we always try to get the best Deals for them. If we can conduct early round sales, we will do it. By adding APR/APY we will also add some extra value for the $YAY tokens users have to stake to join any sale.

This question will now be specifically for all our readers in the GameFi ecosystem. What are the criteria or requirements, and expectations from the newer GameFi projects if they want to launch from ZEUS?

Pedro Verdades, Business Developer -
One of the most important ones is without a doubt the team! They must be enthusiastic and passionate about GameFi while obviously knowing what they are doing! We value vision, and unique value propositions, a cool UX/UI and obviously a clear business model/roadmap. Never forgetting the actual game, it has to be fun!

We always like to try the games first and get out Dev team on to it, in order to give some insights and possible help on what we can..

What's the immediate goal plan and what's the long-term vision of your project & how do you plan on getting there?

Pedro Verdades, Business Developer -
As I mentioned earlier, one of the goals for this year is to create multiple synergies between all our products. Our path is clear, creating the number one GameFi Publisher within the Blockchain Space. I would say that one of the immediate goals for now is to fully release LOOT, as well as, get Bold Point to the public so they can try it out!