The Spark Club

Games and workshops to help children learn STEM concepts at an early age.

Published on January 4, 2022

What is your current role here?

Arzoo Dalal -
I am working as a marketing manager at the company. I take care of all marketing, social media activities & help with product development.

Can you tell us about your company/project?

Arzoo Dalal -
Spark club is a home-grown company passionate about teaching Science to children at an early age and through fun ways. We believe in practical teaching i.e. through STEM learning instead of textual knowledge. We aim at teaching children through exciting workshops, camps, activity kits, online DIY experiments and fun science board games.

What is the most exciting & most challenging thing about your job?

Arzoo Dalal -
The most exciting part about my job would be the adrenal rush during the workshop and seeing the happy & curious expression of the kids after conducting a successful experiment. The most challenging would be to decide a science concept and infuse the concept details in the game play so the kids learn while playing.

What has worked for you in terms of marketing & what has shown significant results?

Arzoo Dalal -
We have tried SEO, SMO, influencer marketing, facebook instagram ads, google ads, amazon ads but we have seen great results from influencer marketing. The mom community is ever growing. Even the mom micro influencers have an amazing hold on the market. The new age moms are constantly looking for new things for their kids but look for strong recommendations from fellow moms.

Apart from social media, what do you specifically focus on towards the outreach of your project?

Arzoo Dalal -
We rely on mainly the mom-kids exhibitions to reach new audiences and showcase our products, experiments. These exhibitions not only boost our social media but also help us connect with our audience one-to-one so the mission of our brand is portrayed better. The moms also get more confident in sending their kids for the workshops.

What social media platform has been the most significant contributor towards marketing your project & what are the key metrics you focus on?

Arzoo Dalal -
Instagram is the most important platform for us. We look for weekly impressions from our stories, followers growth, most saved post, most loved post and lastly most interacted stories. These help us in understanding our audience’s needs better.

With the ever evolving digital landscape, where do you see your project in the next 5 years?

Arzoo Dalal -
We have a concept of education in the metaverse which we want to explore. Imagine having workshops & activities in the metaverse for children & their parents.

Metaverse is now being utilised by musicians for their live performances, multinationals hosting company meetings & so on, how do you see your project being a part of this new trend?

Arzoo Dalal -
Metaverse is the next exciting space in the education world. We would love to have children roaming around in an education based world where there are exhibits for each different topic. Let's say children want to study Newton's Law's of Motion, they enter the exhibit which has augmented reality models for different chapters, children explore the augmented reality models & interact with them in real time. These 3D models are really NFTs which are owned by the creators. Teachers or schools can also lease these NFTs from the creators and take classes within the metaverse itself. Educational institutes can also collaborate in building these AR-based NFTs and have exhibits of their own.