A play-to-earn card board game, driven by a unique mint and craft mechanic.

Published on February 7, 2022

I love the idea of the Medieval Metaverse. Could you please explain a little about this concept & overall about your project?

Yetken (Community Manager) -
We were seeing so many NFT's projects which have no use case at all. For instance, many projects were just publishing some NFT's with some jpeg images but there's no logic or there's no sustainability behind it. So we just wanted to create a use case for NFT's & that's how we came up with Talecraft. And our catchphrase is craft which is to trade and earn so our users are just crafting and they get some AVAX rewards and craft rewards by crafting and by playing our board game so that's kind of what we do.

Can you tell us about the team behind this?

Yetken (Community Manager) -
Sure. So I am a community manager at Talecraft, Mehmet from my team is also a community manager & we are simultaneously doing the job. There is a core team which is about seven to eight people & we all have been in this industry for the past 3 to 5 years. Our CTO Furukan creates the connection between the developers and ideas for our community, Aaron our business developer is an extremely hard worker and thrives in establishing business relations. One of the most important tasks for myself and Mehmet is community engagement, taking feedbacks from them which would be crucial for us to take lead into increasing our projects performance in the long term. Coming to Content Marketing we have full time specialist whose complete focus is to take care of Twitter Marketing & Telegram Marketing as it is a full time job.

What is it that your project is trying to simplify/solve in this space & how??

Yetken (Community Manager) -
Absolutely. That's a great question by the way. So as I mentioned earlier we just wanted to create a use case for NFT's because there are no projects like that trying to do so in the current scenario while making them sustainable. So we designed Talecraft with the basic fundamental being that our users/players have a use case for their NFT's & they can aircraft some NFT's as well. They are able to play boardgames, sell it on the marketplace of NFT's, stake their crafts, and many more things. We are improving day to day but I think just by keeping it basic and useful we have reached closer to our goal of what we wanted to create & implement with Talecraft.

What has been the biggest challenge for you so far & how have you overcome it?

Yetken (Community Manager) -
So that's a tough question to answer. Basically, creating a system with sustainability was the biggest challenge for us. The basic question that our users/players asked us when they came to us was how can we buy Talecraft & what are the benefits that I can get out of it ? So we started to ask ourselves this question & decided to create a solution for our new and potential users. So we sold our game chests with AVAX with a maximum capacity of 0.1 per chest as a result of which we collected a huge amount of AVAX & we distributed it to our NFT holders. So, while someone is buying our game chests from us our NFT holders are earning in AVAX rewards. So at first we sold it with the issue of tackling sustainability & now we are trying to move on from that towards a Craftable platform which means it allows some new projects to come to us & we can initiate a collaboration of sorts. So this way we are allowing new projects that one can craft using our platform which can be used to generate profits.

What kind of utilities will your tokens have?

Yetken (Community Manager) -
So our token allows you to buy chests with a craft token plus AVAX & you can buy some NFT's on the marketplace with craft as well. You can stake your craft's on the platform as well. In order to use the craft system one has to have a craft token in order to get a high level NFT. From there in order to pay the fees, we collected in the form of burning the tokens during the process of crafting, so that pretty much sums up our token utility.

What are your strategies to control put & dump & how do you aim to control it with the current tokenomics?

Yetken (Community Manager) -
Sure. So we kind of had hard times with it. While we trying to control it but having too many alternatives was difficult to navigate through. So first of all as I mentioned earlier our users/players are buying the chests with a craft token and AVAX so we distributed the airbags to holders and while burning the crafts which we got from the chest sale we burned them as well as we burn crafts every week, so it will be take like 30 weeks or so that will make a huge amount of burn. Also, for every single transaction in the Talecraft marketplace the crafts that are being used with the transactions are burned so the tokens we got from the transactions get burned. We have a deflationist structure as well, which means the when you assemble two NFT's of lower levels you get one high level NFT as a result. This we feel will be a good structure for the future of Talecraft

What has been the biggest milestone you have achieved so far?

Yetken (Community Manager) -
So, we have seen many projects in this space that really didn’t have a successful launch but we were motivated to make ours one. So that’s the most important milestone we feel for our project. You also have to be fair to the users who would like to get your token at the initial listing price but at the same time becomes tough to create a space for a fair launch, as it creates inequality which is not good. So we made a fair launch for everyone who’d like to buy our token & I think we executed it really well as we got a 59X ROI which was a great start for us so we are super happy about it.

What's the immediate goal plan for the next 6 months of your project & how do you plan on getting there?

Yetken (Community Manager) -
Yes, so we are moving forward for a Craftable platform which means that Artists, New Projects basically anyone off the street can use the platform. But initially we will first start with the segment of established Artists & New projects to build a relevant consumer base. We will be having packages for artists, where they can craft their own chests and sell them using our system. So the users who would like to buy the chests will also get basic element of the NFT’s & they will try to use it to get higher level NFT’s. this is the fundamental short term goal that we have planned for ourselves by the end of Q2 of 2022.