SnowCone is a DAO creation platform for community owned projects built on the Avalanche Network

Published on March 7, 2022

Can you tell us about your company/project?

SnowMaker (Co-founder) -
SnowCone aims to fundamentally change the way humans organize online. At the moment, there is a disparity in the way decentralized organizations are managed and how core contributors are incentivized/rewarded. DAOs in their current form suffer from the inability to accomplish complex objectives, something we believe DAOs will eventually be able to do.

From basic contract deployment, pre-made or custom DAO templates, to organizational recommendations, SnowCone will offer everything a community needs to bootstrap their community and infrastructure.

We believe SnowCone has developed a revolutionary communication structure for DAOs akin to the ERC-20 standard, which will allow autonomous organizations to cooperate on chain in ways never seen before. Both parent and sub-DAOs will be able to effectively manage their expenditures in ways that drive growth towards the organizations that are most likely to push the parent DAOs core mission forward

Can you tell us about the team behind this?

SnowMaker (Co-founder) -
SnowCone’s Core Team has a total of 6 people at the moment. Although we are pseudonymous, SnowCone founder backgrounds come from an array of specialties such as Smart Contract Development & Research, Legal and Corporate Structuring, Community Creation/Management, Design, and DAO Creation and Organization Framework Development. All of our founders have been in the space for a few years now and have noticed a disjointed process in the creation and organization between DAOs and how they are managed. Building a platform that gives new and experienced crypto users the freedom to create any organization they please is something we are extremely passionate about.

Could you tell us the idea/inspiration behind the birth of your project?

SnowMaker (Co-founder) -
The inspiration for SnowCone came from the current state of DAO tooling and lack thereof. We noticed most tooling revolves around basic automated payments, different ways to look at your treasury, and a simple display of members or contributors. Most of these services are just organizing elements that can already be found on block explorers. DAO tooling should not be like managing a company from your bank account, and that is where we come in.

What is it that your project is trying to simplify/solve in this space & how??

SnowMaker (Co-founder) -
Besides creating standards that will help bring efficiency and value to DAO contributors and spin off projects from the parent DAO, we are offering basic templates and organizational structures that users can choose to best fit their needs. In a simple step by step process, SnowCone will be able to create & deploy DAOs that can customize funding limits, release tokens, manage contributors, and effectively cooperate with other DAOs that your organization may find valuable to work with. SnowCone can be used

What has been the biggest challenge for you so far & how have you overcome it?

SnowMaker (Co-founder) -
Our biggest challenges are scaling communication and cooperation between DAOs in an effective and secure manner. If you have experience in DAO framework or protocol development, please feel free to reach out to the SnowCone Team or join our discord.

Could you please explain our readers on the DAO Templates in details? What exactly are being filled in these templates? In a nutshell, please explain in brief on how can a user use this template provided by Snowcone.

SnowMaker (Co-founder) -
DAO Templates will create an infrastructure for organizations to choose from that simplify the creation process. Things such as user onboarding tools, pre tokens, on chain member identification, and discord integrations are a few of the features the templates will offer. Each template will serve different purposes. An example would be the charitable fundraiser template, in which recommendations will be made based on how other charitable organizations have been set up in the past, with additional customizations the user could add.

We understand that Snowcone is designed to support before and after launch too. Can you please explain in details on your entire process?

SnowMaker (Co-founder) -
This just means components such as, rules, owners, funding limits, and token releases that your DAO had before launch are upgradeable and can be changed as the organization sees fit. The templates offer ways your organization will run before and after important events such as launch, allowing fluid management of a decentralized organization.

Who exactly are your competitors in this space? And, what exactly is your differentiators?

SnowMaker (Co-founder) -
Our competitors lie within members of the DAO tooling space, and our differentiators lie within the creation of a revolutionary standard for DAOs to communicate with one another, while aligning incentives to contributors that provide the most value

Could you please explain on the APOSTLES? I believe it is the Rewards Program of SnowCone. How can users earn rewards here?

SnowMaker (Co-founder) -
The Apostle program is an Ambassador program that allows those interested in changing the way we organize online to come and contribute to SnowCone. Rewards are currently set in $AVAX but will soon be followed by upcoming SnowCone tokens once a reasonable rewards model is implemented.

With the ever evolving digital landscape, where do you see your project in the next 5 years?

SnowMaker (Co-founder) -
SnowCone strives to formalize a governance/technological structure that permanently changes DAO-to-DAO interoperability. The project also aims to have a fully decentralized plug-in marketplace for any organization to use or create, while bringing DeFi capital management to DAOs that seek to do more with their assets.