A suite of multi chain Dapps built to get DeFi to the real world

Published on January 7, 2022

Can you tell us about your company/project?

Chandra Bhushan Singh -
At Kyte, we are building a suite of gamified, fun Defi applications. The 4 products in our suite currently being built are, our flagship product Airlyft; which is a growth hacking tool for startups in the crypto space, Patang; which is our bot as a service product, Bot battles will also take place on Patang & Predictly; prediction markets for traders.

What are your projects unique features that give you a competitive advantage?

Chandra Bhushan Singh -
Our platform, as well as our roadmap, is specifically designed to include the community. Our gamified growth platform is also like an escrow service, this is to prevent organizations from going back on their words after the users participate. Users: can do activities, learn about participating organizations & win free tokens/NFT's through the growth tool. Organizations: Can market their new crypto project to real people in our ecosystem Developers: Can participate in grid bot battles to earn handsome rewards

What kind of utilities will your tokens have?

Chandra Bhushan Singh -
So, as mentioned earlier we will be having 4 different platforms within our ecosystem. The Kyte Token will be called KTE which we will first launch on Avalanche. All of our platforms will use KTE as the main participation token. To increase leverage, traders can stake KTE tokens & earn more if they win. KTE tokens can be staked on Kyte liquidity pools to earn extra tokens. All council actions require the tokens which gives the power to users to shape the future of our platform. Last but not least will be having a referral program as well very soon.

How will your project develop in the future to stand out & compete with others in the DeFi space?

Chandra Bhushan Singh -
Our gamified growth platform aims to become a one-stop shop for all giveaways, airdrops & free allocations. Be it a token airdrop based on some question about the company, an NFT giveaway or some other rewards. This would be a game changer in the industry since it will give the users an incentive to constantly partake in.

Community is extremely integral for any blockchain startup. What is your plan for community involvement and future ambassador programs and the role they will take on?

Chandra Bhushan Singh -
Yes community is a very crucial part & having said that our group of investors all hail from diversified portfolios & using their community, KOL's & connects in this space we believe our community will be very strong. With each investor community, we target a specific geography & that has proven for us to be one of the greatest strategies in community building. When it comes to engagement, our token utility list as shared earlier is very large. For the community we are also doing a private sale before the actual IDO for them to take part as well.

How will your company generate revenue ? How will it benefit both the investor as well as the company ?

Chandra Bhushan Singh -
So, each of our modules are very strategically designed that gives individuals, developers, organizations, KOL's , investors & launchpads enough reasons & benefits on the usage of our platform where both parties can generate revenue. Firstly, our gamified growth platform will have a small subscription fees that would be generating revenue for us while alternatively we have specific reward pools for each member here making them profitable. Secondly, our grid bot is designed to catch every price movement in the specific range. The not splits the range into multiple grid levels & places a buy or sell limit order on every level, which allows one to buy every drop & sell every rise. These will be our Bot As A Service subscription model & the hiring fees of these bots will generate revenue for us. Thirdly, we will be launching our NFT marketplace & the NFT holders will have different sets of associated benefits & is going to be revenue generating platform for us as well.

What are the platforms that have worked for you and what has been your strategy behind it?

Chandra Bhushan Singh -
So, after a lot of successes and errors, we have come to find out that for social media it is best to bltiz platforms such as Twitter at the initial stages to create a buzz as the crypto community is most active there. Focussing on quantity of content without compromising on the quality is the essential key ingredient here. This later on can transition into lesser frequency of tweets but quality content which will keep the momentum going. Other platforms such as Linked In and Medium are essential for Blogs where consumers spend enough time for quality reads. But while all this is going on the most crucial part is constant community engagement through regular communication of project updates, regular AMA's which help amplify the geographical outreach of the project to different communities globally. All in all in nut shell it's a game of multi tasking and constantly evolving as this space is very nascent still.

Recently we saw on twitter about your flagship product Airlyft which is scheduled to launch soon? Can you give us more details into the product?

Chandra Bhushan Singh -
So Airlyft will play a very important role in our ecosystem. This is the platform we are most excited about and can't wait to release it. In a nut shell, think Gleam, but remove the bots & add decentralisation to it & that's what Airlyft is all about. It will allow user to participate in giveaways & airdrops where they don't have to worry about bots reducing their chances of winning the reward or organizations not delivering the airdrop in the end. The escrow feature here is what will prevent organizations from pulling such stunts. Finally, this platform will target users, organizatons. KOL's VC's as well as launchpads.