Hatchy pocket is a high fidelity, new age, exclusive digital monster collectable, with limited numbers. Immortalized and proven by NFT technology

Published on February 4, 2022

Can you tell us about your company/project?

Pico Sols (Founder) -
We are at our base a collectible NFT with some added unique utility of decentralized IP(intellectual property) ownership


Can you tell us about the team behind this?

Pico Sols (Founder) -
We are a team of over 25 people working across a couple projects on the hatchy brand. We boast a team of battle hardened developers, proven in the traditional video game industry, with over a decade of experience, working on billions of dollars worth of IP across several top games, across all major platforms.

I can see that your digital monster collectibles are on the same lines of Pokemon of the 90’s era. Am I right , what made you go for such a collection ?

Pico Sols (Founder) -
Yeah man, right on, the 90s era collectible monster genre games like pokemon and digimon were huge influences in our design, we want to create a strong base for a decentralized IP and wanted to capture the same audience.

I can see that you have a good collection of digital monsters, will you be adding more to the collection in the near future and what kind of thought process goes into giving them characteristic features ?

Pico Sols (Founder) -
Yes, we definitely have more monsters coming, they will only be available through the use of a token that will be released around the same time through our staking protocol.

And as for the designs, we have a meticulous iterative design process with a talented team, we try to perfect them as much as possible and we hope that it translates, we feel very lucky at the moment that the.

What are your current marketing strategies being implemented?

Pico Sols (Founder) -
We are currently in a product focus phase with our biggest push for marketing planned alongside the release of a couple of our products later this year.

What has worked for you in terms of marketing and what has shown insignificant results?

Pico Sols (Founder) -
We’re maybe not the best project to give advice on marketing currently, our current focus is to keep developing quality and to focus heavily on marketing when we release our products.

Have you done airdrops, what was it like, and how were the results?

Pico Sols (Founder) -
We’ve never done any airdrops, we’re considering it for our token releases and maybe we can discuss it again after we’re done.

Where do you see the project in the next 5 years?

Pico Sols (Founder) -
We hope to establish a strong community of creators and genre enthusiasts gathered around the decentralized brand and the competitive, valuable products that it can facilitate.