Evolution Land

Evolution Land is the first Defi+NFT cross-chain game with each continent built on different blockchain networks, such as the first Atlantis continent

Published on June 28, 2022

Can you tell us about your company/project?

Dustin Lee (Business Development) -
EvolutionLand is a crosschain metaverse game that is being built on up to 26 public blockchains, currently available on 5 blockchains Ethereum, Tron, Huobi Heco Chain, Polygon, and Crab Network. EvolutionLand has been online since 2018 and is the first game to include a built in dex, composable nfts, crosschain interactions and interoperability.

Can you tell us about the team behind this?

Dustin Lee (Business Development) -
The founders Alex Chien and Denny Wang have been in the blockchain space for many years, Alex being involved since 2011. They both met in 2015 when helping build the first decentralized exchange called Bitshares. From there they came up with the game EvolutionLand in 2017 and in 2018 they released EvolutionLand.

Can you tell us about the different gameplays of your project?

Dustin Lee (Business Development) -
We include various gameplays such as gamefi, crafting items, pve, pvp, and soon to be construction. Since our game is interoperable we plan to build further partnerships with nft projects to include their nfts in our pvp gameplay.

Currently we have included projects such as Crypto Kitties and Polkapets which allows for players to equip these nfts as pets.

What kind of utilities will your tokens have?

Dustin Lee (Business Development) -
RING Token is the native token of Evolution Land and Darwinia Network. RING token is available on various chains. It can be used to purchase land, breed apostles , can be added to the lp pools, and used for future pvp gameplay.

What has been the biggest challenge for you so far & how have you overcome it?

Dustin Lee (Business Development) -
The biggest challenge is developing early in the space when a lot of NFTs projects were not released yet that are now more notable . Since then we have used our technology to build a whole ecosystem and community.

Can you please help the reader understand on what sort of Dapps can they build using the open interface and SDK being provided by EvolutionLand?? Are they being incentivised for building dapps using these SDK?

Dustin Lee (Business Development) -
So yes any dapp can be built on top of the land in EvolutionLand, in the future EvolutionLand plans to be a layer 1 chain which will allow other chains or dapps to build on top. We have introduced our Grant program for EvolutionLand, we welcome all developers to build on EvolutionLand.

We understand from the roadmap that you are building 2 different continents, which is Ethereum (Atlantis Continent), Tron (Byzantine). Are these both going to be different from a functionality point of view ? Is it that the evolution on these lands depends on what dapps developers are developing in the respective ecosystem?

Dustin Lee (Business Development) -
We currently have 5 different continents, which differentiates from Ethereum, and Tron continents is that we have intoduced new gameplays on the newer continents such as forging items, pve and soon to be pvp.

Apostles are no doubt the crucial part in Evolution Land as they are the ones responsible for mining. Could you please explain what they would be actually breeding, and drilling. And, whom will they be fighting battles with? This is important for viewers to understand as they need to buy Apostles from the apostle marketplace. Also, please let the readers know if different apostles will be available for different ecosystems.

Dustin Lee (Business Development) -
Apostles are the heart of EvolutionLand they range from Mining from the land , breeding, and fighting in pvp/pvp. With mining they have to be placed on the land in which based on their talents they will have a better mining efficiency. With breeding they are based on their talents, generation and even appearances . These traits and talents can be inherited with future generations but are not guaranteed which brings a lot of creativity and challenges to breeding quality apostles. Finally with our battle system apostles are put to the challenge, with Apostle Adventure our Apostles are placed in a team of 4 to battle monsters earning rewards through each battle. These materials earned can be used to forge items such as weapons that will increase the team's ability to defeat the final boss! Now including PVP which will test your apostles abilities to earn cool prizes such as RING rewards.

What's the immediate goal plan for the next 6 months of your project & how do you plan on getting there?

Dustin Lee (Business Development) -
In the future we will be building our metaverse to be more immersive with every land plot being a 100x100 block ratio allowing for players to build their own ecosystems with dapps on top of each land parcel. More gameplays such as construction, more continents built on more blockchains, various nft projects being interoperable with EvolutionLand.