DeFiato is the next-generation centralized platform for DeFi staking, yield farming and financial services

Published on March 17, 2022

Can you tell us about your company/project?

Jeremy Khoo (Chief Investment Officer) -
Defiato is CeDeFi platform, which basically means it is centralised Defi, inheriting the essential parts of a centralised platform that makes it work well for mainstream adoption and marrying it with the entire universe of Defi services.

Simplicity and user-friendliness is at its core, allowing Defiato users to access services such as yield farming with a single click. We will obfuscate all cumbersome user processes such as payment of gas or approval process at all the steps. We simplify entire 10 step processes with a single click.

Defiato is a Defi aggregator, allowing ANY defi service such as swapping, yielding farming, loans/borrowing, cross-chain or more to be accessible by our users. Defiato is not limited by technological or user-related hurdles that Defi faces. Defiato can power entire spaces of Gamefi or NFTs without any limitations.

Can you tell us about the team behind this?

Jeremy Khoo (Chief Investment Officer) -
I will start by introducing myself. I am Jeremy, most people do call me JJ. I’m currently the Chief Investment Officer for Defiato, in charge of token strategy, sales and operations within the Defiato ecosystem. I have a background in engineering and was a 3 time serial entrepreneur in the retail/e-commerce sector prior to entering the blockchain universe.

I’m also a managing partner of CRC Capital, which invests primarily in blockchain companies with several notable investments throughout 2018 to 2021. I lecture in a local university in Singapore and am very passionate about Web3 technologies such as Defi, NFTs and therefore spend considerable time in the education sector.

Dr. William H. Nguyen, Ph.D. is currently the founder of DeFiato, Beowulf Blockchain, and a serial entrepreneur with a history of successful ventures in blockchain, communication technology, education, and computer/network/data security. Over the past 10 years, Dr. William has built many social networking, cryptocurrency exchanges, on-demand video streaming, and communication applications serving tens of millions of users worldwide in the areas of business communication, media, education, and entertainment.

Next we have, Dr. Sung Nguyen, Ph.D. is serving as the Chief Data Scientist for Beowulf Group. He previously worked at Google in 2005 - during the early days of Google Enterprise, now Google Cloud. Prior to Google, Sung worked at NASA (KSC), Lockheed Martin and Borland Software.

In addition, We have a 20+ pax team, with a 80% weightage on the engineering side. The rest are in marketing/BD. We are hiring aggressively.

Can you share some differentiating factors that set you apart from your competitors ?

Jeremy Khoo (Chief Investment Officer) -
Majority of competitors are mostly crypto structured products or “crypto neo banks” that wish to allow mainstream access to crypto (not defi). Although the difference may seem small, it isn’t, because buying crypto assets is very different from the hundreds of very very cool defi services out there.

You can see immediately from our UI/UX that we are focused on fundamental defi services, rather than just simple APY generation native to many of these wallets/products. Just from a very practical point of view, users will see 10% maybe 15% APYs on these competitors as they are native products, but for Defiato, you have full access to the full spectrum of defi, which can go up to 4 digits APYs. The key of course, is that we do it safely and only work with well audited and blue-chip smart contracts.

Another key difference is that Defiato is totally cross-chain and essentially provides a service as a bridge. Whereas most other competitors are single chain focused (e.g Eth) and do not intend to increase the offerings. Those that may allow for more chains are just acting as wallets, and do not intend to allow users the option of entering defi services within their apps.

Also, Defiato has gone to market and acquired a significant number of users, so in terms of our service offerings, we are one of the front runners. We will continue to evolve and be better every given day with your support.

What has worked for you in terms of marketing & what has shown significant results?

Jeremy Khoo (Chief Investment Officer) -
We believe that our marketing should be centered towards our users and communities. Therefore, Defiato will be pushing for more chains to be onboarded as well as their associated Defi dapps. There are practically no limits to what can be included, as long as they fulfill our safety checks and audits. This means we will inherit a large share of the voice of different communities whom we will be supportive of.

For mainstream, Defiato will be conducting a massive push via our content and potentially ad management to be the go-to platform when mainstream wishes to enter Defi. We appreciate every feedback given, it is the most important consideration as we develop the DeFiato roadmap.

What has been the biggest challenge for you so far & how have you overcome it?

Jeremy Khoo (Chief Investment Officer) -
Rather than a challenge, it is a problem that we know that we should solve from day one. We realise that It is extremely hard for the mainstream to get into Defi today. Even crypto natives struggle with so many chains. Hacks and exploits happen on a daily basis. We know there is a requirement for a product like Defiato. Rather than search high and low for it, we simply got together and built out the future and how we intend to solve huge problems (barrier to entry, high gas fees, poor customer service etc). Defiato exists, because there is demand. We will continue to shift according to what the market needs. We are always listening to feedback.

How is Defiato simplifying entry into the crypto world for web2.0 players ?

Jeremy Khoo (Chief Investment Officer) -
We want to be able to simplify the entire process for users who use our product. Usually when you take part in yield farming, you need to be able to use your own Metamask or Web3 wallet and deposit funds, pay gas, withdraw LP, farm etc. We remove all processes. You can simply click one button and we take care of all processes (as many as 12 to 16 sometimes). This is a game changer for retail mainstream adoption. I urge you to join our website at and see for yourself! We are live and running.

How are you planning to facilitate Fiat to Farm for the users ?

Jeremy Khoo (Chief Investment Officer) -
Defiato is introducing Fiat Onramp via Prime Trust, which is our partner based in the US. Through this partnership users from all over the world would be able to transfer USD directly to the bank based in the US, and onboard their fiat directly into crypto.

We are really excited about this because this would fulfill our objective of allowing users from fiat directly to farm. Currently, users from all over the world (but the sanctions nations) would be allowed to deposit fiat. This would be entirely KYCd process.

Do note that Fiat Onramp will be rolled out in a couple of days, so stay tuned.

How is DeFiato guaranteeing security for safeguarding user funds?

Jeremy Khoo (Chief Investment Officer) -
Defiato undergoes constant pen-testing and internal audits on its technological framework, coupled with best practices for cold/hot wallet management. None of the technical elements are off-the-shelf components. Everything is internally built according to best-in-class framework for custodial management.

For the Defi services Defiato supports, Defiato only onboards well-audited contracts both by external auditors as well as multi-factored internal audits. Defiato takes the responsibility of ensuring users are operating in an optimal safe environment very seriously.

Also, Defiato is securing fintech insurances, which are extremely important when the TVL reaches a significant amount. This, combined with on-chain insurers such as Nexus Mutual for e.g, would be an additional layer of “protection” to mitigate risks associated with Defi.

It is also worth noting that we provide two factor authentication as an extra layer of protection, used to ensure the security of user accounts beyond just an email and password. We highly recommend our users to enable it for higher security.

Can you explain the utility of DFIAT token? How does it help the community ?

Jeremy Khoo (Chief Investment Officer) -
The Coin offering will provide for users to participate and be part of the Defiato ecosystem. It is definitely in the pipeline that Defiato could one day be totally decentralized as well. That discussion will be reserved for slightly later.

For now, the DFIAT token will incentivize liquidity and participation on the platform, as well as add significant utility via fee reduction, and fee payments on the platform. User can now stake and farm DFIAT with stablecoins.

Where do you see the project in the next 5 years?

Jeremy Khoo (Chief Investment Officer) -
Defiato does not hide our ambitions to be the go-to brand of Defi services. Essentially, we want to be that product that you will proudly tell your friends and family to use if they ever were interested in the Defi universe. We take our mandate seriously and want to build the safest and most value-added CeDefi product ever and establish market and thought leadership over this space.

It's not necessarily easy to detail anything after 5 years in the crypto space, but let's just say I'm super bullish obviously for our prospects! I must say this, I think at some point in the future, we do see ourselves decentralising even the Defiato product. Once we have achieved a significant market share and once defi is now totally mainstream, we should take steps to allow some form of DAO to be formed around the DFIAT token, making the product more of a native defi ecosystem. It’s a dream and there is still a long time away.