An appointment scheduling platform implementing crypto payments.

Published on January 10, 2022

What is your current role here?

Nishant Kumar -
Hey Reader. This is Nishant here and I am the Founder of this awesome appointment scheduling platform called canUmeet. I pretty much handle the development side of application but equally engaged towards the marketing and expansion activities. So much to do each day and so much to learn each day.

Can you tell us about your company/project?

Nishant Kumar -
Our main motto at canUmeet is to achieve the quote “Scheduling appointment has never been this easy”. canUmeet is one of the most user friendly platform using which one can manage their availability, avoid extra email follow ups, be in sync with their calendars and share schedule for free with your clients. Being a techie, I have tried embedding a lot of development experience into this platform to make the platform look more intuitive with maximum ease of use intact. With regards to pricing, we have a freemium model and have a subscription based model too catering to the users need where they can either choose a monthly or yearly subscription. All together, we also provide a custom platform creation where the entire product is developed based on users requirements. It has been a roll since we started and currently we have active session from almost 120+ countries.

What has worked for you in terms of marketing & what has shown significant results?

Nishant Kumar -
Firstly, the most useful social media tool for us was Buffer where we used their scheduling functionality to schedule the posts that had to go live on each of our social channels i.e Facebook, Twitter, & Linkedin. Moving forward, we understood more on the marketing methodologies used by our competitors to get more traction on our product. Each single day, we used the analytics feature of these social sites to understand which types of posts are getting the maximum level engagement and tried creating our posts sorrounding those ideas. The most significant results we received were from content marketing and twitter.

What social media platform has been the most significant contributor towards marketing your project & what are the key metrics you focus on?

Nishant Kumar -
The scheduling platform is something which is best suited for any business irrespective of the stages they are currently in. Starting from individuals to small businesses to mid size business and large enterprise, all are in need of appointment scheduling platform. Hence Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, all these social channels seemed best fit for us and hence we have been targetting customer across all the above mentioned social channels. Of all these, I would say that Linkedin has been one of the platforms that showed a lot of conversions.

What is the most exciting & most challenging thing about your job?

Nishant Kumar -
Being from a tech background, there was not much hands on marketing experience but this particular thing we understood was the need of the hour. Hence before jumping directly into marketing the product, we read and tried to understand the in and out of what marketing methodologies can be applied to this product. As this was traditional marketing, I started reading more on the blogs on marketing the SAAS products, implemented a few of them, understood the importance of social media tools, analytics tool and then once we had gathered enough information, we jumped right into it. Trust me, you can attain mastery on anything provided you dedicate that amount of focus towards it.

What's the immediate goal plan for the next 6 months of your project & how do you plan on getting there?

Nishant Kumar -
Being into SAAS market has been an excellent experience for us but the rate at which the blockchain world is growing, it is just WOW!!! The best is yet to come in the world of crypto currency and we want to enter into this crypto verse as soon as we can. Hence the first aim is to have the product modified to a certain level of extent to enter into into the market and then let individuals in the blockchain know about our entry. Now, to make sure that canUmeet reaches to its maximum users, we plan on having a collaboration with Kyte.One platform by using the AirLyft platform where we can organize our own competitions and let them know about our scheduling plartform in and out. We plan to reward them with the KTE (native tokens for Kyte.One)!

With the ever evolving digital landscape, where do you see your project in the next 5 years?

Nishant Kumar -
As mentioned earlier, the blockchain world is growing at an exponential rate and if we don’t become a part of it now, the time will pass and then there is hardly we can do something about it. We validated our idea and I strongly believe that there are hundreds and thousands of meeting scheduled each day, say for collaborations, investments, partnership and many more. We want to stand out there firmly and help all these meetings schedule effeciently. So, in a nutshell, in the next 5 years, we plan to have crypto based payments available on our platform along with the FIAT currencies currently being accepted. With this addition, we would become the first scheduling platform to accept crypto payments and make this more easy for all future users. We also plan to collaborate with maximum DeFi projects for their appointment scheduling needs and be a trustworthy platform for them.